Friday, May 18, 2007

Sutlej Club Ludhiana

Satluj Club Ludhiana is one of the oldest & prestigious clubs in the north, which was Ludhiana established by the British. The club has maintained its elite character and is very selective in granting membership. Probably that explains the reason why the membership has been restricted at less than 3000 in a city of 40 lakh people. The facilities, luxuries, entertainment and enjoyment this family club provides can't be availed by a common man. The members of the club are mostly the elite of the city representing different sections of society, be they businessmen, doctors or professionals from different trades. This makes the annual general election to the club quite a keenly contested one with the rival groups doing their level best to claim maximum number of votes.

Sutlej Club Ludhiana, stands testimony to the city and its growth & changing ethos for near three decades now. As the Ludhiana city undergoes change with each passing day, so does the Sutlej Club. The five-acre of building of the club near Rakh Bagh is one place where one can let one’s hair down and chill whether at a Star night or just go there for recreation. It is said in Ludhiana that you haven’t arrived on the social scene as long as you are not a member of Sutlej Club. Almost all the ace industrialists of Ludhiana are the part of Sutlej milieu.

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