Friday, May 25, 2007

Dr. B.L Kapoor Memorial Hospital, Ludhiana

It began with a visionary, Dr Beshasher Lal Kapur, a young medical enthusiast from The Medical School of Germany who arrived in Lahore in 1930. He was shocked that India followed the traditional “daai” system for the deliveries and in the process many mothers ran the risk of infections and stood at the edge of losing their babies with related medical problems. This scenario provoked him to think and in the process conceived a vision... of creating an institution that could understand and take care of all the medical needs of a woman before, during and after her pregnancy... to give the joy of motherhood in a healthy and safe way.

Dr Kapur realized this vision by setting up the first maternity hospital in Lahore under the aegis of Lahore Hospital Society. Just when all the services he offered in the hospital began and were being recognized and appreciated by the people of Lahore, India went through the trauma of partition and Dr Kapur shifted to Ludhiana. But the transition of place was no a deterrent to this visionary and he went ahead setting up the Hospital n Ludhiana and called it “The Ludhiana Maternity Hospital.” It is now situated at Old Sabzi Chowk Ludhiana.

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