Friday, May 18, 2007

Ludhiana Seasons

The foremost notion of Ludhiana one gets is that of a city, effervescent with opulence. The land of Ludhiana is a land of exhilarating culture, numerous images of credible emerald green fields & jovial people whose healthy pastoral ways of friendship & bonhomie are very much a part of their tradition.

There are three main seasons i.e. summer, monsoon & winter. Summer remains in the Ludhiana from Mid April to Mid July & the heat is excruciating at that time. Monsoon touches this city in the month of July & remains in action till September. Most of the rainfall in the Punjab state occurs during this season only. Winter comes in October & remains till March and extreme cold can be experienced during this time...........................

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Aditi Malhotra said...

I was in search of such type of informational for my upcoming Ludhiana trip with my friends.It is really very nice to find yours blog here. Thanks.

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