Friday, May 18, 2007

Ludhiana Temperature

There is a meteorological observatory in the district at Ludhiana and the records of this station may be taken as representative of the meteorological conditions in the district in general. Temperatures increase rapidly after February. June is generally the hottest month with the mean daily maximum temperature at 40.6oC (105.1oF) and the mean daily minimum at 27.2oC (81.0oF). Hot scorching dust-laden winds blow during the summer season and on individual days the day temperature may reach above 45oC (1130oF). Afternoon thundershowers and occasional dust storms bring welcome relief from the heat though only temporarily. With the onset of the monsoon in the district early in July, there is appreciable drop in the day temperatures.

But the night temperature in the monsoon season is nearly as high as in the latter part of summer. On account of the increased moisture in the monsoon air, the weather is quite sultry and uncomfortable even in the monsoon season in between the rains. After about mid-September when the monsoon withdraws, the night temperatures decrease rapidly.

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