Friday, May 18, 2007

Ludhiana Roads

Ludhiana – only metropolitan city reported in 1999 in Punjab. The intensity of traffic in Ludhiana City is increasing with its demographic and economic growth. The growth of personalized vehicles has been phenomenal more and more because of reported higher per capita income.

Road Network & HierarchyThe city is spread over an area of The present road network is spread over12.72 sq. km of area, which accounts for 8% of the total municipal area. The total road length is 1356 km, and the equivalent road length is 3390 km. The city has roads ranging from 6 to 35 m width.

The existing road network of Ludhiana is radial in pattern converging in to the heart of the city. There is a circular Link Road on which six regional roads meet at different points. About 31% of the road length has ROW (Right of way) more than 30 m ................................

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