Friday, May 18, 2007

Ludhiana Culture

The people of Ludhiana are very found of spending their lives by dining and wining. They tend to appreciate sumptuous eating and lavish life. By this the general people - especially the higher-class section of Ludhiana’s overall population gets exposed to the high risk of serious health hazards. The problems of over weight and obesity with high cholesterol level are commonly found among the citizens of Ludhiana.

Ludhiana is the hub of cultural activities in the state. Every week, more or less, one cultural event or another takes place in Punjabi Bhavan, Guru Nanak Bhavan, Nehru Sidhant Kendra Auditorium or an educational institution. Generally, folk songs and dances captivate the audience. The lilting melody and the measured dance steps make the people happy, both young and old. The song and dance troupes dominate marriage parties where loud music creates the typical atmosphere of festivities. The show goes on to infuse the spirit of togetherness among the persons, educated as well as uneducated.

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