Friday, May 18, 2007

Meena Bazaar Ludhiana

The present day Meena Bazaar offers many things, from sweet ‘batashas’ for children to shrouds for the old, but the beautiful faces and the tinkling of the anklets have vanished. The Meena bazaar had lost its charm with the Partition. It is said that Begum Jaan and her daughter Phoolan used to sing so melodiously that even birds were mesmerised. As per oldest living inhabitant of the bazaar, there was a big ‘haveli’ of Rani — the queen of ‘scarlet ladies’. When she travelled on an elephant, her glory was to be seen to be believed. Now that ‘haveli’ is in a dilapidated condition.

The Meena bazaar now has shops of confectioners and general merchants, besides some cardboard factories. A stench has replaced the sweet smell of roses and, instead of pretty damsels in balconies, a cluttered mesh of power and telephone cables is seen all over. Rickshaws, carts, stray animals and shoppers trudge over the potholed roads here today, raising dust, as if to bury the glorious past of Meena Bazaar.........................................

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