Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shopping in Ludhiana

One thing is very unique in Ludhiana and that is one can find a specific market for any specific products. For instance, if you are intended to purchase a cycle then you can go straight to cycle market. Similarly one can choose to go to either Sunder Nagar or Purana Bazar or Dal Bazar or Chawal Market or Bajwa Nagar for the hosiery products. Akal Market, Dr. Gujjar Mal Road, Karim Pura Bazar are famous for other types of gents and ladies clothing, while Mochpura Bazar is famous for the quality range of shawls and blankets. Innumerable number of shops for wholesale medicines can be found at the Pindi Street. Vishal Mega Market is a great collection of departmental stores engaged in selling varied range of products less than one roof. Apart from these one can find specialized markets for vegetables, electronic items, electrical commodities, imported items, furniture and general shopping.............................................

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