Friday, May 18, 2007

Ludhiana Communications

With city limits expanding time and again, communication and travel ought to have been difficult, but Ludhiana springs a surprise. Easy to travel and even get connected to near and dear ones back home, this is a perfect city to live in! Especially when you are away from home.

Telephones/Faxes : Walking down any road, lane or streets you'll find so many boards with either PCO/STD/ISD or Xerox which you should keep a lookout for. One can find fax facilities mostly with the telephone booths, especially the ones in shopping complexes or in buildings.

Telephone booths are something you would get everywhere. For the large number of students, many telephone booths have started giving facilities to receive calls at nominal charges from parents, friends or relatives. Carry loose change always for the coin operated telephones, as many a time it's something difficult to find. Be careful to read the instructions as many don't accept old coins and some are accepted either before or after dialing the number.

Only a couple of Telephone booths are open 24 hours and most of the booths shut by 11:30 p.m. or later depending on the customers. In the outskirts, telephones are less. Instead of driving on, stop at the first booth you see. Always remember to ask the counter person if he has change for your call before you dial......................

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