Friday, May 18, 2007

Ludhiana Introduction

Ludhiana or Lodiana, is called after the Lodis, which dynasty ruled at Delhi from A.D. 1451 to1526. The Two Lodi Chief, Yusaf khan and Nihang Khan, deputed by Sikandar Lodi (A.D.1489-1517) to restore order in the region, fixed head-quarters on the present location of Ludhiana city, which was at the time on more than a village called Mir Hota. Legend has it that Yusaf crossed the Satluj to check the Khokhars, who were then plundering the Jalandhar Doab, and settled at Sultanpur; Nihang Khan remained at Mir Hota as the Emperor’s lieutenant and called the place Ludhiana.

No one is in a mood to listen while the city is crying hoarse. Not that there is so much rush, it is because the mind of its inhabitants is elsewhere. There is no space to stretch one’s limbs and the time has been reduced to a roundabout at the clock tower. A grand race is taking place with no destination in sight. This marathon race is an end in itself. The promised joyride is in fact turning to be a pain in the neck. Still the show must go on; else the house of cards will come tumbling down. Amidst all this flurry of activities, there are literary discussions, cultural seminars, photograph and painting exhibitions, song and dance concerts, flower and baby shows, games and sports, stag parties and girlie outpourings, convocations and annual functions, declamations and debates, besides the get-togethers of senior citizens.

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