Friday, May 18, 2007

Ludhiana City

Ludhiana city is known as the industrial hub of Punjab, whose roots go back to the 15th century. This vivacious city has turn out to be a colourful bouquet of different cultures, thanks to its industrial status. The inventive & creative urge of the Ludhianivis noticeable itself beautifully in various industrial activities. Ludhiana has time & again been called the Manchester of India. Industries manufacturing Cycle & its parts, Woolens, Machine Tools, Sewing Machines, Generators, Diesel Engines, Tyres & Tubes and a host of other utilities and consumer goods dot the map of Ludhiana. The industrial products & hosiery manufactured in Ludhiana are not only used within India but they are also exported to different regions of the world.

However, Ludhiana’s claim to fame is not its commercial enterprises alone. It is an important pilgrimage center as there are many historic Gurudwaras. In Cultural & Educational fields, too, Ludhiana holds an outstanding place. Punjab Agricultural University, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College & Christian Medical College, Dayanand Medical College & Hospital are some of the premier educational & research institutes. Really, Ludhiana offers a mesmerizing quick look into the world of machines tempered with a thriving human touch.

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