Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ludhiana Towns - Sahnewal


Sahnewal town is situated on Ludhiana - Ambala, G.T.Road. Sanehwal is also known for its association with Dharminder the film star, who was born and brought up here. An aerodrome and pilot training centre is also established near it. This place has a historical gurdwara Damdama Sahib , associated with Guru Gobind Singh Ji. While leaving Chamkaur Sahib, the great Guru passed through, Machhiwara, Ghulal, Katana Sahib, Reru Sahib, Kanech Village reaching Sanehwal on 27th Dec, 1704. Here he leaned against a Karir tree to take rest and called for the village panchayat. But none turned up saying that there was no panchayat over here. The great Master ordered that there would be none in future also. Saying this the Guru started on his onward march, when a few of the village folk approached him asking for forgiveness and served the Guru. The Guru said that elder and wise people would do justice in the absence of a Panchayat. Such is the situation and it goes on ....................................

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