Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ludhiana Towns - Raikot

Raikot Town

Raikot Town has an extra-ordinary historical & religious importance. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji came in this city & resided in the Bumper Forests on 19 poh of the calendar year 1761 (Bikrami January 1705) under the Sheesham tree on the bank of Lehi Stream. A shepherd Noora Mahi of Rai Kalha used to go for grazing buffaloes at the time of rising Sun. Then Guru ji asked Noora Mahi to give milk for drinking. Noora Mahi told respectfully that he had already milked the buffaloes at home. Then Guru Ji handed over the Ganga Sagar (a vessel) having 288 holes to Noora Mahi & pointed towards non-milking buffaloes for milking. Noora started milking by following the order of Guru ji. Noora wondered, when the non-milking Buffaloes gave milk & even a drop of milk didn't spill out from Ganga Sagar. .....................................

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