Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ludhiana Life Style

Life Style in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is the city with the most extravagant bungalows and largest number of vehicles in the country. Ludhiana, the industrial and financial hub of North India, represents one of the grandest success stories of Punjab. The city has come a long way from its earlier avtar as a producer of shoddy and substandard goods. The bicycles, auto parts, and of course, hosiery items with a "made-in-Ludhiana" label are now as valued as a "made-in-USA" or a "made-in-England" label. Which is saying a lot for die-hard Punjabis obsessed with all things foreign.

Conceivably no other particular city has observed such swift growth and fabulous industrial growth and wealth generation as Ludhiana, the Manchester of India. The triumph story is not about industry alone. The city of Ludhiana is also one of the most important education and health centers of the Northern India. ...............................

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