Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ludhiana Towns - Payal


Payal is a historic town. It is said to have come into existence about 1200 years back. It was earlier known as Sahibgarh after the name of Maharani Sahib Kaur. This historical town is situated at a distance of 10 Km from Ludhiana, in the south of city Doraha, on main Ambala - Ludhiana Road.

People of almost all religions live in this city. No communal riots of any kind have ever happened in the city. This town is politically prominent due to territory of S. Gian Singh Rara (C.M. PEPSU state) and Late Sh. Beant Singh (Ex chief Minister, Punjab). The household village “Kotli” of S.Beant Singh is situated at a distance of 4 km from payal. S.Beant Singh played an important role in extinguishing the deadly terrorism from Punjab. At present, S.Tej Prakash, son of S.Beant Singh is M.L.A of Punjab Legislative assembly. .................................

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