Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ludhiana Websites

Websites on Ludhiana

Though there are many websites on Ludhiana, but very few & that too developed & marketed by Ibs Nanda of M/s Nanda Marketing Network, Ludhiana are doing very well. All below written websites, particularly promoted by Mr. I.B.S. Nanda with a righteous purpose:

> To Provide the information of all Services and Products manufactured in Ludhiana District to the International and Domestic Markets.

> To Help the customers from all over the world to locate the manufacturer of any product very Easily, Economically, Efficiently & Expediently.

> To assist the Ludhiana Business Society to have an International exposure at reasonable prices, as now it has become all the more Important for all the Organizations to update their Products & Services to both the Local & Global Customers.

> To Cover all the Important Services of Ludhiana like Health Services, Education, Manufacturers, Importers/Exporters, Historical Places, Entertainment, Trade, Tourism, Accommodation, Hotels & Clubs etc.

The Popular Websites on Ludhiana are:

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