Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ludhiana Roads

Ludhiana – only metropolitan city reported in 1999 in Punjab. The intensity of traffic in Ludhiana City is increasing with its demographic and economic growth. The growth of personalized vehicles has been phenomenal more and more because of reported higher per capita income.

Inter-city roads: - Ludhiana is located centrally in the State and hence very good connectivity to various important cities like Delhi and Chandigarh; cities of other states like Ambala, Shimla, and cities within the state like Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ferozpur, etc.

Major roads: - Chandigarh road, Pakhowal road, Gill road, Ambala road, Jalandhar Bye Pass Road, Clock tower to Jagraon Bridge road, Firozepur Road, Rahon Road, Tajpur Road, Mall Road, Ghumar Mandi Road are major roads of the city.

Minor roads: - Jassian Road, Humbran Road, Domoria Bridge Road, Symmetry Road, College Road, Civil lines Road are the minor roads of the city.

Old city & Inner city roads: -Chaura bazaar Road, Gur Mandi Road, Buta Shah Mandi Road, Namak Mandi Road, Naulakha cinema Road, Kailash cinema road, Deepak cinema Road, Haibowal road, Khudd Mohalla Roads etc. are the old city roads.

Other Roads: Gill Road, Dandi Swami Road, Ghumar Mandi Road, Rajpura Road, Oswal Road, Sunder Nagar Road, College Road, Malhar Road, Pakhowal Road, Sabzi Mandi Road, Old Courts Road


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